Shane Cotton


9 Apr — 8 May 2021

Shane Cotton and Michael Lett gallery have collaborated with McCahon House to release a new limited edition artist print. Waterfall is an edition of 100 and funds raised through the sale of this work will support the future projects of McCahon House.

To learn more about McCahon House please visit their website.

Shane Cotton
Screen print on 300gsm archival Hahnemuhle fine art board
1000 x 750mm, paper size
Edition of 100
Hand signed and numbered

NZD 10,000 (plus framing costs)


Shane Cotton’s working drawings for Waterfall

“Waterfall is a response to the McCahon paintings, titled Waterfall, that feature a simple pared down image of water cascading over land. The minimal approach McCahon uses to capture flowing water becomes the basis of patterns of light in this new painting. In my potted waterfall, these patterns echo and foreshadow the manaia form, as it turns inward, around, and interacts with the tiki. Either side a head forms, an eye, an arm, a body, symmetrically. The tiki is Tāne Mahuta, the god of forest and birds (and the tallest standing Kauri in Aotearoa). He stands tall and breaks from the confines of his father, Ranginui, and his mother Papatūānuku. During this process, light fills the world and Ranginui and Papatūānuku are forever separated. We are reminded of the power of Tāne everyday; the cyclic patterns that allow for transformation while maintaining continuity and balance between all living things.”

– Shane Cotton, 2020

Shane Cotton’s working drawings for Waterfall

“I love the origin of the image of the pot and the way it featured in the wharenui that were built in the 19th century. The way that the pot becomes this little vessel of dirt that you take care of and allow plants to grow in. You become sort of a miniature guardian. I just like the ideas associated with it and all the visual history that it contains.”

– Shane Cotton, interviewed by Jeremy Hanson, 2020

Shane Cotton, Maunga, 2020, installation view Britomart, Auckland. Commissioned by the Britomart Arts Foundation in collaboration with Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.

For further images of this work, and to read the full interview between Shane Cotton and Jeremy Hanson, please visit the Britomart website.

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