Imogen Taylor
Social Studies
The Dowse Art Museum
29 Sep 2018 – 06 Jan 2019

For the exhibition Social Studies, Imogen Taylor places her paintings and drawings alongside artworks from The Dowse collection that inspire her, and creates a zine that tells the story of female artists she admires. Through these activities, the artist gives us a glimpse into her relationship with abstraction, and how her commitment to it feeds her art-making practice.

Tapping into art movements such as Cubism, Imogen pushes the limits of her medium to find harmony between line, form and colour. She describes her paintings and drawings as both “pretty and ugly” and places emphasis on the power of failure, even chasing it to know when she has found success.

Combining all these elements in Social Studies, Imogen shows her artwork in a context where it can be open for us to draw from our experiences to interpret how we like, and consider how we too can learn from the past to express ourselves.